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Free Dating Sites


Not all of us are ready to spend hours in clubs and cafes, trying to meet new people. But spend a few hours a week to get a new acquaintance on the web - why not? However, even online, the question remains urgent - how can one generally understand that the partner will be glad to meet you and not disappear in 2 minutes after the start of the conversation?

This is where free dating websites come to the aid of seekers. For several years now, these resources have been confidently holding leadership positions among a niche audience. And even the massive boom in messengers and social networks could not shake their position.

To say that there are a lot of free dating sites free is to say nothing. Starting to look for such resources, you come across all kinds of advertising, attempts to lure the user with beautiful banners and “expert opinions”.

Most often, when choosing a 100% free online dating site, users are guided by the number of daily visitors. It is believed that if less than 100 thousand people are online at the same time, this is a bad free dating platform. In fact, this is the most common myth. Such many users are present mainly on large international free sites, created more likely to entertain their users. However, such sites can be useful if you want to chat with a pretty girl from China or a nice guy from Argentina.

Do not forget that the chance to get to know someone from your country or city is always higher on regional free sites. Therefore, we decided to simplify the lives of our users and create the TOP-10 free American dating sites.

What is Free Dating?

It is worth noting that people who constantly online get to know each other most actively and spend quite a lot of time communicating. And if you drew attention to a user’s profile, who visits them once every half a year with a photograph from the “nineties” - you are unlikely to have a long and exciting conversation.

To increase your chances of success on a dating site, you need to seriously approach filling out the profile and adding fine photos. Profiles are more popular with a large number of photos. They allow you to be sure that on the other side of the monitor there is a living person, and not some kind of advertising robot or, even worse, a person with not the best intentions, who deliberately mislead someone else's photo around.

Top 5 online dating mistakes:

  • Wrong photo selection for avatar;

  • Providing distorted information in the profile;

  • Too many attentions to one of the contacts;

  • Banal first phrases for dating;

  • Grammatical mistakes.

Remember the main thing when meeting people online is not to forget that there are live people in front of you on the monitor. And everything will work out.

During a conversation on dating sites, you should stick to light communication. Do not overdo it with fasting jokes, do not require a phone number within three minutes after the first words, do not put pressure on the girl and do not impose yourself. If you manage to show yourself as an adequate person and set up for a serious relationship, your chances will instantly rise up several times.

Use spelling checkers to avoid mistakes which will prevent you from dating girls with good language skills. This will help to avoid embarrassment.

Statistics of dating on large free international sites show that only 1 pair of 100 thousand acquaintances subsequently builds a long-term relationship. Not the most promising prospects.

However, on regional free sites designed for the audience of a particular region, this ratio is much higher.

Best Free Dating Sites

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish rightfully takes one of the leading places in the ranking of the best free dating sites no sign up. After all, Plenty of Fish is the first innovative service that finds a soul mate for you. Having passed the personality test during registration, you will see a list of potential partners most likely suitable for you to create strong and serious relationships. The number of free site users has already exceeded 100 million people. And yes, this is the same free dating site advertised on TV! It firmly took a place in the hearts of thousands of users, showing its best side. Easy and intuitive interface, nice design, the ability to search for a partner by profession, the absence of spam.


For almost all years, Match has been a leader in free online dating, and it’s no secret why. The company gives the right balance of functions and involved to continue to engage in love affairs. However, it’s easy to imagine that the Match is intended only for serious dates; in fact, this is an online dating website for everyone who is looking for something from marriage to one-day stands. The searching method is constantly being improved on the free website, which helps you find people of interest to you, even if you are not very sure whom exactly you need.

Being a household name in the whole free dating industry, Match has made a huge number of successful dates over almost all years and is often the next practical step for those who want to study their options for paid dating.


Of all dating and totally free online dating sites, OkCupid has become the one that single users are flocking to for their first test run of free online dating. People also tend to turn around during their free online dating journey if they have not calmed down forever. The free website has not changed much over the past years, but, rather, it relies on what it can offer singles, which, apparently, constantly attracts and again attracts the participants. The website has a user-friendly interface, responsive, but not very nasty profiles, and a few questions that you can answer to help the free website better match for you and find important relationships for you.

You discover potential matches based on your search, instead of getting suggestions for a match, which gives you more control over your free online dating experience. For each match that you see, you also see the percentage of matches that you have with this person, giving you not just another starting conversation, but a real indication that was based on data (based on answers to profile questions) of how excellent you and one of you find in the search results may match. OkCupid has a funny, immediate feeling, and users usually have a similar attitude when contributing to an Internet resource, which makes it a legitimate choice for people looking for random shifts, and for those looking for a more severe, long-term relationship.


EliteSingles is one of the leading free dating services in the United States for educated singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Around the world, the free website has 65,000 new members joining the week and an average of 2,000 new matches each month in more than 20 states.

EliteSingles members are most often academicians, with over eighty percent having higher education. This is perfect for those who prefer a more intelligent woman or man.

This mail order brides website is a free dating service, offering matches based on a detailed personality survey that EliteSingles uses to identify compatible matches. This allows the free website to give you the best match with more compatible with your personality.

EliteSingles is a free dating service that aims to create a couple of singles that are close not only mentally, but financially. Its members are diverse since the free website is widely used by people from all over the world. The free dating platform has more than 6 million active users in the United States alone.

It serves an educated and mature audience. Approximately 90% of the users are older people from thirty years. Finding a match here is quite simple since its platform has an equal distribution by gender, which allows each future husband to find a perfect match (and vice versa).


Zoosk is a worldwide free dating application used to search for a variety of relationships. This is a flexible method that does not divide those people who are looking for short-term free dating and those who want to find a serious relationship. Instead, it makes a promise to unite like-minded singles.

In more than twelve years of providing the free dating app to some users in over 80 countries, Zoosk has remained one of the most desirable truly free dating sites. Since launching, it has connected over 40 million singles and has been featured on several lists, such as The Next Big Thing of WSJ.

The matchmaking functionality that Zoosk provides on its own dating site differs from other dating services. It has what is called SmartPick and Dating Insights.

Instead of asking its users to take an identity test in advance, the development of Zoosk Behavioral Matchmaking introduces each member with a perfect match during the use of the free site. The matchmaking function SmartPick uses the behavioral data that the algorithm was able to collect, and maps you to a user who, according to their idea, is perfectly suitable for your personality. This information can be seen on the Dating Insights page if you are curious about how Zoosk sees your behavior on the site.


eHarmony is not playing here. The free website is responsible for helping half a million single people find relationships in England alone, as well as 70,000 marriages and born 56,000 children. And yes, if the words “relationship”, “marriage” and “children” arouse your eyes, harmony is where you go to do your job.

The deepest dating website profile, measuring 29 qualities of comparability, immediately eliminates unsuitable candidates. You need to answer truthfully all question of the system since the work of the free website is to compare you with your perfect someone else based on these answers. And to highlight the emphasis on comparability, there is no search or view function so that you can view the profiles of other users. Instead, eHarmony provides you with approximately 10 specially selected matches daily – high-quality matches with the finest potential partners for you.


Tinder was nothing more than a cultural phenomenon, adding “whisk” to our dating vocabulary. Casual free dating is extremely ordinary to use. In fact, it is so simple, there is a regular free version, with which you can only do a few things, including updating your own profile, swiping left or right and try communication with matches.

Scroll-based dating application offers short profiles, focusing mainly on images with a short biography. It allows you to connect social accounts if you wish, including Instagram, which can give people the best idea about what you like.

In fact, there is only one method to find the singles: swipe through, send a message and go from there. The main section of the free website is swiping, which allows you to swipe through profiles extremely rapidly, while almost all users look only at the main image of the profile, and then scroll in one direction or another. There are some more advanced paid features, allowing you to boost your own swipe, for example, show super sympathy for a someone, or cancel the last swipe and return to the profile that you missed by chance. Communication can take place only when both users put like each other, and then a full match can initiate a conversation.


OurTime.com is a free niche dating website released by People Media in 2011. This website provides men and women over fifty the opportunity to talk and meet other people in their own field and beyond. Users can find dialogue, friends, dates, long-term relationships, and even marriage partners.

OurTime members will meet not only users from this specific site. Also, they will be part of the other two free no pay dating sites of the platform owner. This gives even more opportunities to meet desired partners with a unified and, thus, expanded membership base.

Adults over fifty are becoming increasingly popular in the free dating world; unfortunately, this demography group is often ignored on major top free online dating sites. The website does a good job to prove people over fifty years of age with a safe place to meet other people for love and friendship.


Over 20 years have passed since FriendFinder-X was available to every person and couple around the world. Since then, it has gained over 90 million active members following its home registration page. It has one of the largest user bases among the different FriendFinder Networks dating websites for free and has the largest number of active users per day.

FriendFinder-X was organized not only for straight and LGBT individuals but also for straight and LGBT couples. It serves as a platform to unite people who want to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. The site also serves people who do not want to have real-life interaction but still would like to take part in hot online chats or watch hot videos of live models.

FriendFinder-X is reported to have one of the largest databases among all free singles sites in the world. That is one of the biggest free hookup sites which claims to have over 90 million registered users, with over 100,000 user logins every day. Most of the membership base comes from the United States, but it also has a huge number of users from England, states of the Asian continent and the Middle East. 


ChristianMingle is a free online dating service aimed at Christian men and women who want a healthy relationship that was based on God.

The free website was launched by Spark Networks in 2001 and has since gained millions of users. 

With fine and extended experience in free online dating, ChristianMingle claims to be among the most successful free dating platform. They reported about approximately 30% of unions that helped to create online.

Most ChristianMingle users are between 20 and forty years old, which means that most of them are ready to look for someone with whom they could create families for the rest of their lives.

The gender ratio of members is also balanced. In ChristianMingle, it is totally real to meet a man or a lady of your own dreams.

Besides the fact that they have the opportunity to find soulmates, free website users also have a beautiful relationship with God, so you will certainly find a person who shares the same values and is ready to make a family.

To pay or not to pay

To pay or not to pay: that is the question. For every dating website or application that costs about $40 per month, such as Match, eHarmony or JDate, there are a huge number of other well-known applications, such as OkCupid or Tinder, that are free. If your goal is to make an appointment or find a couple for yourself, is it better for you to apply for the free type or paid?

Both are popular, so you won’t be able to do the wrong choice. In the 2018 consumer survey, more than 10,700 people are asked what online dating service they use over the past 2 years. 40 percent said choose Match as a paid service, but PlentyOfFish (free) and eHarmony (paid) are in second place with 23 percent apiece.

However, based on the beliefs of overall satisfaction, our survey showed that 100 percent free dating sites without payment are actually better than paid dating sites, possibly because they are of great value. 

First Dating Tips

One of the most important stages of a relationship is the first date. After all, the first meeting can both arouse even greater interest or discourage any desire to continue communicating with you. At worst case, she will transfer you to the category of "friends."

  1. Choose in advance the place where you want to lead the girl. Before that, learn about her tastes and preferences.

  2. Dress with style and look neat.

  3. Go on a date in a very good mood. If, for example, you have a conflict at work, it is better to reschedule a date.

  4. Give a small gift (candy, flowers).

  5. One hour before the date, call and invite her again.

  6. Be positive, talkative, communicate on different topics (prepare funny stories from life, jokes, keep interesting facts in the arsenal).

  7. Behave naturally (how you behave with loved ones and friends). Be yourself!

  8. Sincerely show your interest in her. She should feel that she is interested in you as a person, and not as an object of pleasure.

  9. Be a gentleman. Do not forget to care for the girl (help to take off the coat, put down a chair, open the door in the car). Be attentive to her!

  10. Look into the eyes of a girl during a conversation. You can, as if by accident, touch, hug a little, take by the hand.

  11. Look at the girl with an admiring look. Girls don't like awkward moments when silence drags on. But if you look at her with admiration, she will appreciate it. But don’t look at her like a wild animal.

  12. Be generous. Sometimes a girl is shy about ordering in a restaurant. Take the initiative on yourself, even if she says: “No, I do not want that!”.

  13. Behave confidently, but not self-confidently. Excessive self-confidence only spoils everything.

  14. Be sure to take the girl to the door of her apartment (home) and thank her for the evening.

Dear men, to make a girl want to meet you again, you must know the rules of the first date. 


With the advent of the Internet, people's lives have become much easier. After all, now you do not need to go to the library and sit there for hours searching for the necessary information - just enter the query in the search engine and find out everything you want. Also, single people had the opportunity to meet their soul mate without leaving home. Agree, this is very convenient. And if you are single and want to find a soulmate, but don’t know what service to use among the many existing today, then 10 of the best absolutely free dating sites in the USA have been specially compiled for you.

Compare, choose and date! Is it worth it to date through a free dating site? According to recent studies, over the past year, 65% of the couples who joined their hearts did this thanks to online communication. In addition to new free dating sites without any payment, popular places for free dating are the street, shopping centers and, of course, work. But the number of acquaintances through various Internet portals is still more than half. 

This proves that starting a conversation online is much easier, and the chances of being rejected are much less. Besides, you do not have to fear that when you meet you will be rejected because there are people on the site who came here just to find a couple. They clearly do not have a partner and they are 95% likely to agree to continue communication in real life. 

Completely free dating sites no subscription is salvation for those who are afraid of failures, want to know at least something about a person before the meeting, as well as for those who do not have time to spend hours every date for real dates. Is it worth registering on a free dating site if you are looking for a couple? The answer is yes! Sure! And then the chances of meeting your love will increase.


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